Visual Arts

“Each child is seen as an artist and as an individual with creative ability, which can be used in adult life to awaken new ideas, new solutions, new modes of thought and levels of consciousness”
Steiner Education Australia

At Kamaroi School, the arts are seen as essential to a child’s development.  Their use awakens an inner creativity and an appreciation of beauty and aesthetics. They are included within our integrated curriculum and encouraged in all aspects of the child’s educational development.

Visual Arts, can include modeling, drawing, form drawing, painting. Themes, stories and ideas are drawn from the vivid imaginative images, brought to life with the class teacher in the Main Lesson and children draw or model most days, as part of their Main Lesson work.

Visual Arts are about discovery.  Children are encouraged to explore feelings, through form and the magic of colour, through the nature of different substances in modeling, and through the drama of light and darkness. By creating and interpreting images and objects, children come to understand themselves and the world.

The joy and love of doing and making are more important than the end result, particularly in the lower classes. Thus the process and the experience of the process for the child, is the main ingredient of art in the primary curriculum.

The educational and therapeutic effects of artistic activities in children are far reaching and lasting, with the potential to grow and mature into life skills in adulthood.