Uniform and Dress Code

At Kamaroi, we have a dress code that considers both the inner and outer needs of the child.

Colour has a powerful impact on us every day. Colour nourishes the soul and spirit. As children are so receptive to their immediate environment, we must become conscious of the effect colour has. We can be stimulated by the cheeky nature of red, enlivened by the brilliance of orange or calmed by the tranquil shades of blue. We also ask that children do not wear fluorescent colours, due to their strident and jarring effect.

Think not only of your child when they dress each morning, but of the difference they will make to everyone at school each day. It is a wonderful opportunity and a privilege to wear simple, practical clothing that also reflects the individual.

Dress Code – Boys and Girls

  • Strong footwear (no thongs or floppy sandals) as we have a bumpy, hilly, site
  • Sun-safe clothes that cover shoulders, back and midriff
  • No ‘short shorts’ with or without tights underneath
  • A legionnaire or broad-brimmed hat
  • Stud ear rings only
  • Necklace tucked under top – for safety reasons
  • Long hair should be neat and tidy, off the face and tied back
  • Dying and bleaching of hair is not acceptable
  • No nail polish or make-up
  • We encourage colourful clothing, especially the primary and secondary colours.
  • No advertising symbols
  • No violent/sharp images on clothing
  • Plain T-shirts or shirts
  • Dress or skirt – no shorter than half-way between thigh and knee
  • Pants with Kamaroi T-shirt or plain coloured T-shirt
  • Warm plain coloured tops in winter

We ask that you respect the dress code and assist your child where necessary, to make appropriate clothing choices.

‘Kamaroi’ clothing – T-shirts and hats (and other items of clothing) are available for sale in the Piazza most Wednesday mornings. For more information please contact the Parent Association kamaroi.pa@gmail.com