We believe that human communication mediated by digital technology can be detrimental to early childhood and early primary education. As a principle therefore, computers, laptops or other mobile devices are not used in kindergarten or early primary classrooms.

Instead, the learning developed through rich communication, relationship building cross disciplinary deep learning, provides children with a strong scaffolding for when they are introduced to technology in Classes 5 and 6 during ICT (Information Communication Technology).

Even at this stage, the overwhelming emphasis remains on this rich human communication, relationship building and deep learning. This ‘unplugged’ experience is seen as crucial to development of creativity, original thought and an ‘uncluttered’ self image — a solid foundation for later application of creativity in the use of and enthusiasm for ICT in its many forms.

ICT Programme for Class 5 and 6

Children work on a variety of projects that focus on the creative uses of ICT, as well as building their technology skills in preparation for high school. The projects aim to integrate with the main lesson topics, and involve movie making, Power Point and clay animation as well as development of research skills.

Kamaroi has a specialist IT teacher who works closely with children during these classes. To facilitate maximum participation, ICT sessions occur in half class groups, with each child working on a separate computer.