Roles and Responsibilities


The Principal, is responsible for the education and professional leadership of the school. Also within the remit is: policy implementation, programs and staff employment, including training and development as well as staff performance. With direction from the Board of Directors to whom the Principal reports to, supported by the teachers, the Principal oversees the School’s day-to-day educational operations.

The Principal is also concerned with developing an ethic of care that focuses on people and their development within a supportive learning community culture. A high priority is the establishment of a strong parent/school partnership within the context of a shared vision. The strong links that students and families forge in the school community, the high level of parental involvement in students’ learning within a strong philosophical and values framework, help lay solid foundations for children to achieve academic potential and develop into responsible resilient individuals who impart purpose and direction to their lives.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for all financial and legal aspects of the school.

It monitors economic performance and cares for the development and maintenance of the school’s assets.

The Board comprises parents and community representatives and meetings are held monthly .

Business Manager

The Business Manager, Michael Twigg, works closely with the Principal in achieving the goals and objectives of the Kamaroi Business Plan within the context of the School’s mission, to provide children with a ‘Foundation for Life’.

The focus is on the long-term financial and strategic planning of the school, including the marketing, development and building program. He also provides advice to the Board, the Principal and the School committees.

The Parents’ Association (PA)

The PA provides support with many practical aspects of school life — from fundraising activities like our annual fair to festivals and social gatherings. The PA meets up to three times each term. These meetings, where every parent is welcome, can be energising and allow parents a wonderful opportunity to discover more about our school through special reports from Principal and active discussions about what’s happening around the school. The meetings are also where we decide how our fundraising can be spent to develop the school’s facilities. Regular updates are posted in the school newsletter, the Bush Telegraph.

Our comprehensive Parent Education Program is an example of a program that has been partially funded by the PA. This program offers the opportunity for parents and the wider community to attend informative and interesting lectures and workshops presented by highly respected educators and consultants.

The PA is also responsible for the part funding of the school’s music program which has enabled many more children to be part of music ensembles.