Publications and Reports

Meeting our Future 2016 – 2020

A collaborative and energising work made possible through funding and support from the Association of Independent Schools, as part of their Embedding Excellence program, has resulted in a clear statement of intent with goals and actions to help us get there as well as ways to measure our progress.

The ‘Meeting our Future 2016 – 2020’ booklet summarises those goals and actions which will energise and inspire us in our work at Kamaroi as we meet our future together.

Annual Reports

  1. 2018 Annual Report
  2. 2017 Annual Report
  3. 2016 Annual Report
  4. 2015 Annual Report
  5. 2014 Annual Report
  6. 2013 Annual Report
  7. 2012 Annual Report
  8. 2011 Annual Report
  9. 2010 Annual Report
  10. 2009 Annual Report
  11. 2008 Annual Report
  12. 2007 Annual Report
  13. 2006 Annual Report

School Policies Library and Other Useful Information

Parents can access the School Policies Library and other useful information via this link.