Physical Education

Children participate in at least 2 hours of physical activity each week. As well as an organised programme of skills, games and sports, we have extensive grounds that offer space for ballgames, boulders for clambering, along with sandpits and play equipment within the natural environment. Our multipurpose playing fields are used for sports such as basketball, soccer and baseball. Skipping, hopscotch, handball and other traditional games are actively encouraged.

The class teacher leads games in Classes 1–2, which includes circle time and games and sport. Classes 3 upwards are taught by a specialist sports teacher who leads twice weekly, 40 minute classes of skill, games and sport, including swimming. As with all elements of our integrated curriculum, the games and sport are designed to align with the child’s needs at each stage of development.

Sport is taught with an emphasis on self-competition rather than competing against one another.