Mathematics is found throughout the natural world — from geographic spirals within a pinecone, to the spheres that move through space.

Our curriculum seeks to embody the sense of wonder and beauty that can be found in the order of our universe. We encourage children to delight in exploration and discovery. We aim to engage the child’s thinking, feelings and actions through imaginative stories and through rhythmic activities, such as walking or clapping, numeracy becomes an activity of the whole body, as well as the mind.

The capacity for thinking is nurtured throughout the early years, by introducing mathematical concepts concretely and through imagination. Skills and knowledge are developed through written work, problem solving and analyzing with pure, abstract thinking introduced later.

Allowing children to grasp the whole before the parts, encourages imagination and versatile thinking. A birthday cake is cut into parts to present a whole range of possibilities. Children are shown that there is not just one answer and are encouraged to find a number of ways to solutions and answers.

As with literacy, the essential skills of numeracy are taught in a systemic and sequential manner. Students become proficient in mathematics, agile in problem solving and skilled in number manipulation and processes.