As with all specialist subjects, Literacy is presented within the Main Lessons and reinforced through practice sessions.

A firm foundation for literacy skills is laid through the dominant use of the narrative, which emphasises rich oral language experience, through a curriculum steeped in myths and legends, oral storytelling, drama and poetry.

A soundly structured teaching program of literacy throughout the primary years ensures that these essential skills are taught in a systematic and sequential manner. Students become capable, enthusiastic writers, readers and creative thinkers across all fields.

In later life, the ability to find one’s voice is built upon experiences of meaningful language that is connected to world and humanity. Expressive qualities develop when beautiful speech is heard and imitated. Later, subtle complexities of thought are facilitated by the rich and fine understanding of language.

A Culture of Reading

We encourage a strong reading culture. The development of a reading habit encourages imagination and by learning to read, children learn to use language, precisely and flexibly. Resulting in children that learn to think for themselves.

We live in an age of ‘information overload’, which makes it harder to create readers. Yet it is those with advanced literacy skills, those who can imagine and articulate what might be, who are best able to understand and explore to their own advantage, the possibilities of a technological age.

Reading is integrated throughout our curriculum. This includes systematic phonics instruction, guided reading, group work and use of the extensive school library. Children are exposed to an unusually rich and wide range of literary text, from kindergarten upwards and great care is taken that all stories, songs and reading material are of good quality.

The literature used has a specific purpose in building for the child, a vision of a world that is full of wonder, where humankind has a dignified place with opportunity to meet important tasks in a free and creative way.