Kamaroi Library provides a stimulating environment which fosters a love of books, and reading for enjoyment as well as learning. Students have one lesson each week in the library.

Kamaroi Library is also for the whole school community. You may borrow from the increasing number of titles available in the Parent Library, seek advice about your child’s borrowing habits, good titles for birthdays etc., or enquire about available booklists.

A strong ‘reading culture’ exists at Kamaroi, and we continue to work actively to keep it that way! It is the development of the reading habit and encouragement to the imagination which books and reading can bring which is of prime importance at Kamaroi.

Parents can have an enormous influence on the development of ‘readers’. The good thing is – it is so simple. Create time with your family to read.

Make sure your children see you reading. Have DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) sessions at home. Read the novels that your children bring home from school.