Festivals have always been held to celebrate cultural and spiritual events. They bring the school’s community together in shared purpose to highlight the supportive cycles in life, adding meaning to human existence. Students and the broader community engage in diverse cultural festivals and an historical continuum celebrating the earth, humanity and the cosmos.

This fosters reverence through acknowledging something greater than oneself, allowing a deep experience of gratitude and harmony.

Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School is a non-denominational independent school. Our impulse for Festivals is inclusive of all religious and philosophical beliefs as reflected in our community.

Each year Kamaroi acknowledges seasonal and Christian festivals including: Harvest, Easter, Winter, Spring, Christmas and other class-based cultural festivals.


Has a long tradition of being organised mainly by Class 3 teachers, students and parents. Harvest Festival generally occurs as close to the autumn equinox as possible, during school time. Students bring home grown produce, preserves and packaged foods to celebrate the bounty of harvest and our good fortune. Each year, all produce is donated to a community group.


The Kindergarten Easter Festival is run as a separate event with handwork and artistic endeavours, age appropriate stories and songs.


The Winter Festival is a long held tradition in Steiner schools around the world, acknowledging the shortest day and the light that overcomes and leads us through the darkness. Kindergarten and Classes 1 – 4 walk the winter spiral in the Hall and Classes 5 and 6 have an evening when they walk the labyrinth and have a fire stick display.


This is a gathering of the whole school and involves singing, dancing and verses on the Meadow and ends with children eating lunch with their family. The Spring Festival occurs during school time. The classes are open with displays of children’s work to see.


Christmas Festival is a whole school event, involving Christmas carol community singing. This is held in the last week of the school year.

Cultural Festivals

To acknowledge and reflect the diversity of the Waldorf curriculum and the school community, teachers have the freedom to host cultural events/festivals according to their interests and class community. For example, Class 3 teachers may host Shabbat, Passover and/or Hanukkah. Class 5 teachers may offer Holi and Diwali.