“The festivals are a huge part of what makes life at Kamaroi wonderful. The magic that happens in the classroom spills over into the school community.”
— Former Pupil

The celebration of seasonal festivals is an integral part of our school culture and teaching program. Events involve the whole school community and provide a focus on the rhythms within nature, within us and within the outside world.

Children perform in front of an audience through drama, speech song or movement. Families, friends, past students and teachers gather together to celebrate their place in our strong and vibrant community.
As with everything that we do, the festivals have a specific role within our education. Whilst each season has a specific purpose in nature, it also holds special meaning for us as human beings. The celebration of new seasons allows us to reflect on a yearly rhythm and reconnect with the earth.

Additionally, our curriculum recognises the importance of guiding young people through milestones in their lives. The festivals give children the opportunity to experience these threshold challenges, which in turn help them on their journey in finding a place in the world. As an example, during the Midwinter festival, Class 6 undertakes a challenging ‘Firestick’ performance. As well as providing anticipation, children are required to demonstrate a high degree of skill, focus and collaboration. This ultimately gives them a great sense of achievement and the event becomes a magical ‘rite of passage’ from one stage in their lives to another.

Family Day / Spring Festival

Family Day, held in September is combined with our Spring Festival and is a day in which the parent community, including grandparents and other family members, are invited into classrooms to view children’s work, and enjoy performances from classes.