“Eurythmy is a healing and enlivening art, with links to all subjects.”
Come unto these Sands by Molly von Heider

Unique to Steiner schools, Eurythmy is a technique for integrating the arts and academic learning. Primarily an art of movement, Eurythmy encompasses elements of music, language arts and literature, speech and drama, geometry, and spatial and social awareness. It supports and underscores the children’s ability to move flexibly between various modes of learning and stimulates them to bring their ideas to life in physical form.

Initially, movement exercises begin with the straight line and curve, moving through to more complicated geometric figures and choreographed forms. These develop the child’s coordination and concentration.

The curriculum begins in kindergarten where the children stamp, clap or rap out rhythms as a shoemaker mending shoes or little ants running across the ground.

As it evolves, the Eurythmy work follows the lead of the main lessons drawing from literature and themes already familiar to the students.

The  Class 6 Firesticks performance is an example of the integrated nature of Eurythmy. Children plan the geometric forms which form the basis of the choreography. As they rehearse the movement, they are utilising special awareness, mathematical logic, inter and intrapersonal skills and emotional awareness.