Parent / Guardian Handbook 2020

The Kamaroi Parent Handbook contains a wide range of useful information for parents including details on daily life at our school, school policies, specialist… read more

Scientists say child’s play helps build a better brain

Important as they are, some of today’s big news headlines may have less effect on the future than what’s happening today on countless playgrounds…. read more

Campaign for a commercial free childhood

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Let the children play

Every day where we work, we see our young students struggling with the transition from home to school. They’re all wonderful kids, but some… read more

Handwriting’s relevance in a digital world

The making of graphic marks in the form of letters was one of the first activities of early humans. Written words are the visual… read more

Imagination, wonder & reverence: The primary years in Steiner/Waldorf education

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The impact of technology on the developing child

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For creativity, capability and resilience, Steiner schools work

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Computers in schools could do more harm than good

Ignoring the dangers facing the screen generation is a dangerous approach, says Susan Greenfield. By Susan Greenfield 9:31AM GMT 12 Feb 2010 One of… read more

Dr Thomas Nielsen: Imagination is as Important as Facts

Imagination is as Important as Facts. By Dr. Thomas Nielsen,PhD, University of Canberra Article in Canberra Times, December 6, 2010 There is a passage… read more