Kamaroi Campus

The Kamaroi campus is situated in Belrose on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, nestled on the edge of Garigal National Park. Our campus facilities are designed to sit comfortably alongside nature, and we are often visited by wildlife, including water dragons and swamp wallabies. Our buildings are both colourful and beautiful, thereby encouraging children to develop aesthetic sensitivities along with an understanding of the natural world. Careful siting has allowed most of the native trees to be retained and by following the contours disruption to the landscape is minimised and the indoor outdoor connection is supported.

Our play spaces have been consciously designed to be age appropriate. Plants have been chosen for their educational qualities, alongside their aesthetic value. Alongside all weather sports facilities, we also have a much-loved vegetable garden.

The Nanga Mai Hall includes a Parents’ Association room, school kitchen, music practice room, staff room and washroom facilities. Nanga Mai means ‘listen and dream’. Primarily an event and performance facility, it has also played host to a number of community gatherings since it was opened in early 2011.

The hall itself is a cultural heart for the school whilst its sinuous and active deck with school kitchen below defines and embraces a piazza, a social space where the community gathers.

Architect Mark Baxter said,

“The hall is the culmination of a building program that started in 1992 with the kindergarten. The buildings not only harmonise with the landscape but bring to expression its organic language of form, gesture and colour. There is another dimension however that we might call the inner landscape of the child’s unfolding soul life. The classrooms are age development appropriate and subtlely and artistically support the imaginations within the teaching process . They transition from the more rounded, embracing and warmly coloured Class 1 to Class 6 which is more grounded, angular and cooler with its green hues.”

Kamaroi also boasts a cosy and well-stocked library, performance practice room, music and remedial rooms and an indoor-outdoor craft room.

Kamaroi School purchased a new, adjacent site in 2012 (pictured below) where the children enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including nature walks, sport and outdoor play.

Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School 224 Forest Way