“Music is an art imbued with power to penetrate into the very depth of the soul, imbuing man with the love of virtue.”
— Rudolf Steiner

Through music, children can find ways of experiencing and expressing themselves. It brings happiness to children’s lives and provides an artistic balance to intellectual subjects.

Music is part of the whole school life and community at Kamaroi. From an early age, children start each day with rhythmic work – with poetry and verses. They use clapping and singing to learn Mathematics tables. This activity has an added benefit of affecting the children’s awareness in many other subjects such as spatial conceptualisation, and emotional and artistic expression.

We encourage all children to learn a music instrument other than a recorder. They begin initially with percussion instruments, moving onto string instruments in Class 2. They may then choose to continue with the violin or cello, or to choose a different instrument such as guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, piano or trumpet.

Kamaroi Music Booklet

Performances for the school and wider community build a strong sense of working together and of shared achievements of social confidence and cultural identity. The children are given opportunities to experience a variety of music from different countries and different times. This widens their understanding of different cultures and expression.  The mood of the seasons and the quality of the festivals are experienced and explained through music.

Music Instrument Lessons and Ensemble FAQs