Main Lesson

Main Lessons consist of intensive blocks of study for the first two hours of each school day. One subject is then taken for the entire three or four week period. During this time, the aim is for the students to develop a deep and lasting involvement with the topic.

Main Lessons are also used to introduce new subject matter or new areas within a subject. Class teachers have the responsibility to transform all material in these lessons so that it takes on an artistic aspect. Story-telling, music, drama, puppetry, drawing, painting and modelling are vehicles that are very helpful in this process. In the core subject, Main Lessons are seen as laying down an experiential base; proficiency is then achieved through re-enforcement in subject lessons.

Main Lessons are built around a rhythmic framework. The following pattern is an example that may be used by some teachers. Each teacher develops their own rhythm depending on the class and the current main lesson.

  1. Morning circle
  2. A short, self-explanatory task
  3. Questions relating to the previous day’s work
  4. Re-telling of a major facet of the previous day’s work
  5. Work derived from the re-telling
  6. New content presented by the teacher
  7. A question, or task, set for consideration at home

In any year there is balance of the major core areas of English, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Sciences because and the program is sequentially based from year to year.

Subject Lessons and Main Lessons combined provide the full range of Sciences, Arts, Social Sciences, Technical and Physical Education subjects according to the developmental stages of the child.

For more information on the Australian Steiner curriculum, please visit the Steiner Education Australia.