Frequently Asked Questions

Steiner Education

Q. What is different about a Steiner education?
A. Rather than forcing children to study in a pressured environment, we encourage our students to learn through experience. By developing a memory of that experience, they are able to fully understand what they have learnt. Through knowledge, students develop confidence and allow their own unique qualities to come to the fore. This results in greater fulfillment, both as children and in preparation for adulthood.

Q. Do you teach to the learning outcomes of the NESA* syllabus?
A. Yes.

*Note, the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) replaced the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) on 1 January 2017.


Q. How do I enrol my child at Kamaroi ?
A. Enrolment process

Q. How far in advance should I submit my Expression Of Interest?
A. Demand for places is high so we strongly recommend you submit your
Expression Of Interest (EOI) form as early as possible.

Kindergarten Enrolment

Q. How old should my child be before starting Kindergarten?
A. Your child must turn 5 the year before they join us in Kindergarten.
For example, Kindergarten 2019 students would be born in 2013, or late 2012.

Q. When do enrolment interviews take place for Kindergarten?
A. Enrolment interviews for Kindergarten take place the year before entry.

Classes 1 – 6 Enrolment

Q. Will my child join the same year group they attend at their current school?
A. At Kamaroi your child’s class is typically determined by their age at the beginning of the year. Below is for the 2019 school year as of 1st January:
Age 5: Kindergarten (Born 2013)
Age 6: Class 1 (Born 2012)
Age 7: Class 2 (Born 2011)
Age 8: Class 3 (Born 2010)
Age 9: Class 4 (Born 2009)
Age 10: Class 5 (Born 2008)
Age 11: Class 6 (Born 2007)

High School

Q. Where do Kamaroi children attend high school?
A. About 15% of Kamaroi children continue their education in a Steiner high school. The remaining children move on to a selection of different high schools depending on each individual family’s needs and preferences.

Academic Standards

Q. Will my child’s academic progress be comparable to other schools?
A. Whilst there may be some variance in the early years, Kamaroi students are well equipped academically to progress to high school and consistently perform above average in national testing. This is shown via our NAPLAN results on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Report Authority (acara) website:  My School.

Q. What is the Steiner approach to Christianity at Kamaroi?
A. The Steiner approach is Christian centred but embraces all religious affiliations. While recognising the spiritual dimension of the child, Steiner education does not include instruction in religious creeds but draws instead on the diverse literary traditions associated with the world‘s leading religions to inform the festival celebrations and the rich narrative elements of the curriculum.

More Information

Q. Where can I find out more information about Steiner education?
A. The Steiner / Waldorf school movement is a highly respected international educational movement with over 1050 schools in 60 countries. Steiner Education Australia is the national association which represents Steiner schools throughout Australia. Visit their website at

Q. Where can I find out more information about Kamaroi Rudolf Steiner School?
A. Please join us for a school tour, contact our Registrar on (02) 9450 1651, or complete and submit the form below.

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